About Us  

The "Gaby Davis Foundation" was started in memory our daughter and friend Gabrielle Davis who lost her battle with childhood cancer in March 2007.
Her brave fight against cancer inspired us to fulfill her wish to help other families fighting this terrible beast.

During Gaby's fight, it was necessary for one of us to leave our employment for the course of her 44 week treatment. It was also necessary for Gaby to travel to California for 7 weeks in order to receive specialized radiation treatment for her cancer.

There were many costs that were not covered by insurance and we were required to carry two households during her time away.

Our family was very fortunate to be given a great deal of support during Gaby's treatment but not all families we met were so lucky. We met several families who were struggling to keep afloat both financially and emotionally. Many of whom had to be away from home and family for much longer periods of time than we did and had treatment protocols that go on for years.

It is families like these that we would like to assist by relieving some of their financial burden so they can spend time with their sick child instead of worrying about how they are going to get through this fight.
We understand first hand just how precious the gift of time is with our children.

Our goal with this foundation is to offer support and assistance to British Columbian children with cancer and their families in times of financial need. Gaby wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Please help us to help them.

Thank you,
Guy & Tanya Davis

  Our Board of Directors  

Tanya Davis - President, Liaison with families & BCCH & Surrey Memorial
In 1999 Tanya Davis would never have imagined that less than 8 years later she would be setting up a charity to honour her daughter, Gabrielle Christine Davis. As a Mom to 3 boys on top of enduring Gaby’s battle with cancer, Tanya knows about organization and getting things done. As a busy accountant, Tanya brings financial and administrative skills. Combined with her intense empathy for the families with a child going through cancer, Tanya’s experience and skill-set lends itself to the passionate leader she is; bringing to fruition her daughter’s wish of helping families affected by childhood cancer.

Guy Davis - VP, technical support, liaison with families and BCCH
Guy Davis was quite content with remaining just Daddy to his little girl and 3 boys when Gaby's cancer diagnosis lead him onto another path, one which had him first caring for his sick little girl and now trying to fulfill the wish she made of helping other families during their cancer journey after Gaby and Guy witnessed a parent break down on a visit to a hospital pharmacy. As a technical support specialist, Guy puts his experience to good use caring for the technical aspects of the Foundation as well as giving guidance to the overall direction of the charity. As Tanya’s husband, Guy works closely with her liaising with the families being helped by the Foundation; sharing the same empathy of having gone through their own childhood cancer journey.

Niki Iglic - Treasurer
Niki is a mother of 3 girls who enjoys spending time with family and friends. Niki got involved with the Gaby Davis foundation to give support to Tanya and Guy and the many families out there that are in the unfortunate situation of having a sick child. Lending a helping hand to support anyone in their journey is the best way for Niki to pay it forward. Niki has been a part of the Davis's extended family for years and hopes to help out with GDF for many years to come.

Hope Iglic - Director
Hope decided to join the board of directors not only because she enjoys helping people, but also because Gaby was her cousin. Gaby taught her a valuable lesson, to always give back no matter what. She believes that by helping continue Gaby's wish, she keeps her memory alive. She has volunteered at past events but felt the need to do something more to help. Hope believes that by contributing new ideas for events and raising awareness to others about childhood cancer, she has lots to contribute to the board. She remembers her first experience with the board going to a family that was in need and seeing the gratitude and sense of relief on their faces from everything we provided for them, it really warmed her heart knowing she was making a difference in a complete stranger’s life. She hopes all the experiences she will face as a member help grow and shape her way of life.

Danielle Davis - Director
I have been volunteering with foundation events since the start and decided it was time to do more in the foundation. I was inspired by Gaby’s strength and desire to help others even while she was battling cancer. I may have been her older cousin but she taught me so much about life and selflessness. I feel like there is no better way to honor her memory than to help make her wish come true. Knowing that I am helping others going through this tough time in their lives gives me a great sense pride. I want to share my passion with everyone I meet to raise awareness about childhood cancer. I am looking forward to helping these families and carrying on Gaby’s legacy.

Michelle Sweet - Director
I learned about the Gaby Davis Foundation through my friend, Danielle Davis, who is not only a fellow board-member, but the cousin of Gaby. I have volunteered for a number of other charities and events in the past, but was really looking for something that struck a chord with me, that I could bring my passion to and truly make a difference. My sister Sarah was diagnosed with cancer when she was a year old. Thankfully, she survived but the toll it took on our family throughout the diagnosis and treatment was tremendous. After getting to know Tanya and Guy and hearing about Gaby, the GDF and the work they do with and for families who are suffering under this burden, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I am honoured to be a part of the team. As Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Ashleigh Schuman - Director
When I was 6 years old, my baby brother, who was 18 months at the time, was diagnosed with Leukemia. During his treatments I spent time volunteering with my mom and the Miracle Team, at various events, including car washes, walking in the Teddy Bear Parade and more. He is now a healthy, successful 26 year old.

Since having my own kids, working with childhood cancer initiatives has become even more important to me and joining the Gaby Davis Foundation was a natural next step. I'm very excited about everything that we do and everyone we will help!

Jonathan Sharma - Director
Jonathan is a young professional who has known the Davis Family since 2005. He has always been a supporter of the charity and decided to join the board in 2019 to be involved more actively with day to day operations.

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